5 Tips for How to Talk to Cops Like a Lawyer!

5 Tips for How to Talk to Cops Like a Lawyer!

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July 9, 2024
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Talk to cops like a lawyer! If police ask you questions, what should you do? If cops start interrogating you, how do you respond? Will exercising your Constitutional rights make you look guilty?

It is natural to get nervous when police officers approach you and ask you questions. However, the way you handle yourself in causal conversations with cops can determine whether you can walk away or are headed to jail. In this video, I discuss Tips for how to talk to police like a lawyer and protect yourself from the tricks and traps police use to get you to open up and cooperate with a criminal investigation.

Learn 6 specific tips for how to handle yourself in situations when police may be fishing for information! Protect yourself from police violating your rights!


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